Some of my Gems

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to disclose the emails I am writing and have written for my clients. But, here are a few I have sent to my own email list:

SUBJECT: Disturbing things squirrels do in my garden

Here’s the gist:

Once every few days, a group of squirrels comes hopping into my garden.

But, sometimes there are two or three squirrels that utterly disturb me with their..


Let’s call it weirdness.

What are they doing that freaks me out, you ask?

Pretty simple:

They seem to watch everything I do in my room in the slightest detail.

FBI would envy them, I’m telling you.

But, every time I reciprocate – i.e. return the look, they bob their heads.

Pretending they never saw me in the first place.

Kinda like when you have a crush on someone in junior year of High School and you mindlessly stare at them in class.

But when they look back at you, you freak out.

“Ooh noe eye contact, I wasn’t trained for that part”

And you shift your head faster than a fidgeting 8-year old keeping a little secret from his momma.

That was inappropriate, excuse me (lol)


Now that you know what the squirrel gang’s up to, something a bit more interesting:

If you want to have me coach you 1-on-1 and help you with your agency, sorry:

That won’t happen.

Nothing personal, I just don’t think it’d be worth it for neither YOU nor me.

But, if you read “[REDACTED]” 7 times, I can’t imagine how you’d go out of it without the proper toolbox to start a top email copy agency in the next month.


There’s still a 25% off discount throughout August. Just apply code [REDACTED] at checkout (or ‘B’, both work).



Talk soon,


SUBJECT: Bigfoot hates you

Here’s the gist:

I recently saw a super-weird movie where Bigfoot is running around and pooping on peoples’ roof – just for the sake of doing it.

And because he hated all things human.

(in the film, at least – I’m sure he’s a good sport in real life)
Oddly enough, I even extracted a copywriting principle out of this Bigfoot film that 
increased my open rate by about 12 percent after applying it to my email list.

And here it is:


You see, Bigfoot’s actions in the film are so abstract and (at first glance) pointless, that you can’t help but look and ask yourself:

“What in the world is this crazy kitten doing?”


The answer to this question is also how you can stand out in your email list’s inbox like a sore thumb…

So their eyes immediately turn to your email, completely ignoring all the other inflated-ego “expert” ‘online marketers’ you’re competing for attention with.

I’ve even seen people prioritize my email marketing over their PERSONAL emails.
Now that’s crazy, innit?

Best part:

I’m showing you a template you can use right now for your own subject line.

Here it is:

“Subject line: You messed up my keyboard with nachos”

And, after writing this subject line, you immediately go into how you were thinking so long about what you are writing in your marketing email that you got your nachos all over your computer keyboard because you got tired.

Sounds cheesy?


But nachos and cheese work.

And so does this subject line in combo with the content I just told you about.
Why though?

Because (and that’s an almost-guarantee) no one in their inbox is talking about ruining their keyboard with snacks.

And because of this, your email list can’t wrap their head around why someone would email them to tell them this.

So they click.

And read…

Until you’re ‘closing the loop’ you just opened in their minds by explaining why you used that subject line.

And, since you now have their UNDIVIDED attention, you can channel it onto your offer and marketing material.

And, the best part:

I’m going to give A LOT more tips on better results with cold emails, email lists, and agency growth on my email blog.

Here it is:


Porozmawiajmy wkrótce,

(that’s ‘talk soon’ in Polish)


SUBJECT: World’s most-feared negotiator’s tip  for keeping anyone’s attention as long as you want

True story:

Back in the last century, there was a top-negotiator called Jim Camp who had several multi-billion dollar deals running at any given time.

Some even called him “the world’s most feared negotiator”.

You see, his job was to negotiate the best prices possible for his clients in deals.

And, he had a unique way of keeping his negotiation partner’s attention for as long as he needed it.

It worked so well, sometimes he even “forced” them to miss their flights because they were so engaged with him.

Once, he almost managed to get his audience to ignore an irritatingly noisy FIRE ALARM, because they were so focused on what he was saying.

And it’s based on one of the strongest psychological human motives:

Self interest, ladies and gentlemen.

But, here’s the caveat:

It’s not necessarily promising something appealing, but it goes a lot deeper than that.

What’s more is:

You can use this unique way to get your cold emails read with an almost death-threat-like attention span on thoroughness.

Or to engage your email marketing list so strongly with your mails, that their phones may ask them if they’re “still there?” – because they are so deeply focused on reading your email that they disregard all distractions like WhatsApp messages from friends, Instagram direct messages, or other emails.

Even phone calls sometimes.

Best part:

I’ve applied this technique to some clients’ emails in the past and I’m convinced this is the key to what makes or breaks your email marketing.

And, in chapter 01 of [REDACTED], you will find a detailed review on what this unique way consists of, why it works, and how to profit from it.

Now, listen up:

I can still offer you a 30% discount on the book until tomorrow at 11:59 PM, because I’m in the process of emptying out a warehouse.

But, if it sells out before then, issa first-come-first-served basis.

Here’s where to find lè super-generous offer:


The end..

“Binnenkort praten”,

(that means “talk soon” in Dutch, ladies and gentlemen)